Shanghai social sports
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League Introduction
ASAS social basketball league was established in 2004. Our leagues aim to give everybody the opportunity to play social basketball matches in a professional and good structured environment, where the emphasis is on participation, inclusion and fair play.


We have two divisions. Team ranked bottom of the A division relegates to the B division, team ranked top of the B division promotes to the A division in the next season.


Jiao Tong University
Shanghai Sports University

Team and Individual Registration
It is a league requirement that a team must have a minimum of 5 players in a team with a maximum of 15 players in the roster. Players that are not listed in the team application form may not play in the league. If you don’t have a team, you can register as an individual. We will put you on the free agent page and introduce you to all team captains. 
Registration Fee
Team registration fee depends on the gym and the league format. Please check the upcoming events page on ASAS website. Team Fee Includes 10 jerseys (includes one goal keeper set and glove), league administration and online stats, trophies for winners and special sponsor gifts. 

Discount / Extra costs
1. Teams submit application form and pay the team registration fee before early bird deadline can receive the early bird discount.
2. The champion teams will receive champion discount in the next season. 
3. Teams have their own jerseys will receive RMB 400 discount.
4. Each extra jersey costs RMB 70 before the registration deadline, and costs RMB 100 after the registration deadline.
5. Printing logo on the jerseys usually cost RMB 15 per logo per jersey. It can be more if your logo is too beautiful. 

Registration Steps
1. Complete the team/individual registration form
2. Send the form to   
3. We will confirm with you the price and payment method.